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No.265, November-December 2009

Participants at the 3rd AIMS IAAF Marathon Symposium
held on 7 November in the town of Marathon (GRE)

Above: Participants at the 3rd AIMS IAAF Marathon Symposium held on 7 November in the town of Marathon (GRE).

In this issue...

  • The AIMS Children's Series 2009 has concluded, and the dates for 2010 are announced below.
  • The AIMS-IAAF Marathon Symposium took place on 7 November. Next year's edition will be on 30 October, in conjunction with the 18th World Congress of AIMS.
  • For latest Race Expo venues, at which to exhibit race materials, see details below.
  • We welcome new members Maritzburg Marathon (RSA), Neujahrsmarathon Zurich (SUI), Lucerne Marathon (SUI) and Zayed Half Marathon (UAE).

– Hugh Jones

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New Members

Maritzburg Marathon and Half (RSA)
John Hall
PO Box 860, Pietermaritzburg, 3200, KwaZulu Natal
Tel: +27333423284; Fax: +270866167500

The Maritzburg Marathon and Half Marathon, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, accommodates 2000 men and 800 women, including 10 foreign runners from 8 countries. Bheki Nhlengethwa (RSA) and Rentia Poolman (RSA) hold the course records, which stand at 2:29:57 and 3:07:31.

Neujahrsmarathon Zurich (SUI)
Roger Kaufmann
Verein Neujahrsmarathon Zurich, CH-8000 Zurich, Switzerland

The Neujahrsmarathon Zurich has been held on New Year's Day for the last five years, with course records held by Pius Hunold (SUI) in 2:38:21 and Jacqueline Keller (SUI) in 3:25:13. As many as 50 foreign runners, from 20 countries make up the field of 110 men and 30 women, although numbers are greater in the half- and quarter- marathon events held in conjunction.

Lucerne Marathon (SUI)
Reto Schorno
Lidostrasse 5, CH- 6006 Luzern, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 41 375 03 30; Fax: +41 41 375 03 31

The Lucerne Marathon has over the last three years built up to a field comprising 5000 men and 2300 women, including 500 foreign runners from 25 countries. René Hauser (SUI) and Addis Gezahegne (SUI) hold the course records of 2:27:38 and 2:53:27.

Zayed International Half Marathon (UAE)
Mohamed Ali Amer Ali
P.O. Box 12364, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971506256669; Fax: +97125588664

The Zayed International Half Marathon has been held for the last seven years, with the next edition on 7 January to be held on the F1 race track in Abu Dhabi. Samuel Wanjiru and Lornah Kiplagat hold the event records and the race attracts a mass field of over 10,000 runners, including 70 foreign runners coming from 15 countries.

Stepping Out

Mongolia's capital city Ulaanbaatar has initiated an annual international Marathon, to be held for the first time on 5 June 2010. The Mongolian Olympic Committee and the Ar Mongol Travel Group are co-organisers and are seeking to co-operate with AIMS in order to stage the inaugural International Mongolia Marathon with maximum success.

This event will open Mongolia to all those international runners who seek new running experiences. Mongolia is a country with ancient and still-intact nomadic culture, seemingly endless blue sky and grassland steppe — and clean air.

This marathon will be not only involve running, but also include one of the most colourful and festive events of the running world. Special prizes and surprises, with authentic Mongolian style, await the winners. See you next summer, in the wide open spaces of Genghis Khan's ancient Mongolia.

3rd AIMS-IAAF Marathon Symposium

The 3rd AIMS-IAAF Marathon Symposium was held on 7 November (the day before the Athens Classic Marathon) with the theme "Charity Programs within the Marathon movement". AIMS Vice President Paco Borao set the context with reference to the forces of co-operation and solidarity that have emerged from the Marathon movement. Vivek Singh, from the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, explained what had been done to motivate corporate bodies into recruiting their own fundraising teams as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes. This frees the private enterprise organising the race itself to act as facilitators rather than with any direct contact, which would create mixed messages.

After the first session the Symposium broke up to attend the lighting of the flame ceremony. "There could not be a better place than here, at the Tomb of the fallen at the battle of Marathon, to renew our commitment to running, based on fair play, friendship and peace," said Paco Borao. "AIMS is an association devoted to promote running through expanding knowledge and experience between members for the well-being of our favourite sport".

After the official opening of the Marathon Museum, by the President of Greece, attendees returned to the Athens Classic Marathon start line in time to meet the marathon flame, which had been carried there by a school children's relay from the Marathon Tomb. The cauldron was lit and fire transferred to light two small lanterns, which were handed to representatives of two international marathons and the ambassadors of their countries to Greece: The Mumbai Mumbai on 17 January and the Vienna City Marathon on 18 April 2010 will both feature a flame from Marathon.

The Symposium's afternoon session opened with a presentation by John Caine, Special Projects Director of Nova International in Great Britain, which organises among other events, the Great North Run. John Caine outlined the success story of charity running in Britain. In 2008 the Great Run series had a total of 170,000 runners and generated UK£28 million for charity.

Caine suggested organisers should reserve a percentage of places in their event for runners who enter through official partner charities. The race organisers pass on entry vouchers to the charities which are used by the runners themselves to secure their start number. The entrants are then treated by the organisation as any other participant. "This procedure works best in races which are sold out so that runners can no longer enter the race directly," explained Caine. Runners who decide to run for one of the charities get a free entry from one of the official charities provided they commit to raise a certain sum for the charity — which can be as much as five times more than the entry fee which the charities paid to the organisers.

Mark Dickinson, the race director of the Beirut Marathon, explained that charities buying entries for the marathon is not a workable proposition in Lebanon. The race itself has to go out to recruit interested charities and through them receives additional publicity when the charity partner uses its contacts to search for charity runners. In Beirut organisers also make sure that during the live TV coverage a charity phone number is shown where viewers can donate instantly.

Steven Seaton, former editor of Runners World (UK), described the great efficiency with which the London Marathon "monetarises" the value of guaranteed places in a situation of over-demand. Four out of five normal entrants are rejected in London, but they can secure a guaranteed entry by agreeing to raise a certain sum for charity. This varies, but can be upwards of $3000, making the "guaranteed entry" a very valuable asset for both the charity and the race organisation, as charities buy them for around $500 each. For the race organisation this generates a large proportion of the overall budget. Seaton also cited the cautionary example of New York, where charities have to cover the entry fee and the costs of travel and accommodation, if the runner is coming from overseas (as many do, particularly from UK). This means that the charity requires very large sums to be raised in return for a guaranteed entry, which it seems cannot be borne by runners in sufficient numbers to ensure the reserved places are all taken up.

Even in some races where there is excess demand for places, such as Berlin and Stockholm, organisers have not opted to reserve places for charities on the basis of higher fees for guaranteed places. "In many parts of the world charity running is not common. Even in Europe there is very little charity running," said Berlin Marathon founder Horst Milde. "Even so we should continue to support the idea of charity running and encourage organisers to include it in their races, as it is an important force for society."


The El Gouna International Marathon (EGY), originally scheduled for 6 December, has been cancelled for 2009.

AIMS Expo Booths

Las Vegas Marathon, 6 December 2009

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Al Boka, 9817 Royal Lamb Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89145 - USA

Powerade Monterrey Marathon, 13 December 2009

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o G Cervantes, Fraccionamiento Bernado Reyes, Monterrey (NL) CP64280, MEXICO

Xiamen International Marathon, 2 January 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Yu Zhengjie, #2 Tiyu Rioad, Xiamen, CHINA

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 17 January 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Procam International, 14 St James's Court, Marine Drive, Mumbai INDIA

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, 22 January 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Peter Connerton, PO Box 57176 Dubai, UAE

Maui Oceanfront Marathon & Half, USA, 24 January 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Les Wright, 2480 S Kihei #28, Kihei, Maui, HI 97653, USA

Mitja Maraton Int'l de Santa Pola, 24 January 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, Roque M Aleman Bonet, Calle Logrono 10, BW-21, 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante, SPAIN

Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon, 7 February 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Marugame Shimin Gymnastics, 924-1 Kanakura-ko, Marugame-shi, Kagawa pref. 763 0053, JAPAN

Maraton de la Ciudad de Sevillia, 14 February 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Instituto de Deportes, Estadio Olympico pto.E, (2a Planta), 41092 Sevilla, SPAIN

Marathon Popular de Valencia, 21 February 2010

Send material to:
AIMS stand, c/o Correcaminos, Arz Fabian y Fuero 14, 46009 Valencia, SPAIN

IMPORTANT: When sending material to any of the above expos please ensure that it arrives during the week of the race, so that the host organisation can minimize the need for storage.

AIMS Children's Series 2010

Following the conclusion of the 2009 Series, the dates and venues for 2010 are:

22 February: Sahara Marathon (ALG)
22 May: Kigali Peace Marathon (RWA)
October, tbd: San Luis Potosi (MEX)

Distance Running

The deadline for the January-March 2010 edition is 9 December, and this edition will be distributed in January.

Send race reports and results to:

Send pictures to:

Race Dates

For most recent updates to all AIMS event listings please check the website:

Dates to Avoid

The IAAF has fixed the dates of their forthcoming championship races as indicated below. Members are strongly urged to avoid scheduling their races on the dates listed:

2010: IAAF World Cross-Country Championships 28 March Bydgoszcz (POL)
  IAAF World Half Marathon Championships 16 October Nanning (CHN)
2011: IAAF World Cross-Country Championships 20 March Punto Umbria (ESP)
  IAAF World Marathon Championships in Athletics 27 Aug – 4 Sept Daegu (KOR)


No.265, November-December 2009

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