Nagoya Kadınlar Maratonu Pazar günü koşuluyor / Nagoya Women’s Marathon to be run on Sunday

Nagoya Kadınlar Maratonu, 2021 Nagoya Kadın Maratonu’nun planlandığı gibi 14 Mart 2021 Pazar günü Japonya’nın Nagoya kentinde yapılacağını duyurmaktan mutluluk duyar.

Nagoya Kadınlar Maratonu 2021, Covid-19 salgını sırasında Japonya’da düzenlenecek ilk kitlesel katılımlı yarıştır.

  • 5.000 kadın küresel bir Sanal Maratona katılacaktır.
  • Yarışı bitiren herkes Tiffany & Co.’dan özel bir kolye alacaktır.

2012’de başlatılan Nagoya Kadınlar Maratonu, dünyanın en büyük kadınlar maratonudur ve “kadınların başrol oynadığı gün” teması altında toplam 160.000 kadın koşucuya ev sahipliği yaptıktan sonra bu yıl 10. Yıl dönümünü kutlamaktadır. Organizasyon, bitiş çizgisini geçen ve sayısız gülümseme ve duygusal anlar yarattığı için dünyanın dört bir yanındaki kadın koşucular arasında popüler olan ve her koşucuya sunulan özel Tiffany & Co. kolyesi ile tanınmaktadır.


Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021 is the first mass participation race to be held in Japan during the Covid-19 Pandemic

– 5,000 women will participate in-person alongside a global Virtual Marathon –
– Every finisher will receive an exclusive pendant from Tiffany & Co. –


The Nagoya Women’s Marathon is delighted to announce that the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021 will be staged in Nagoya city, Japan on Sunday, March 14, 2021 as planned.

Launched in 2012, the Nagoya Women’s Marathon is the world’s largest women’s marathon and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year after having hosted a total of 160,000 women runners under the theme ‘the day women play the starring role’. The event is known for the exclusive Tiffany & Co. finisher pendant presented to each runner who crossed the finish line and has enjoyed popularity among women runners around the world for producing countless smiles and emotional moments.

Nagoya has been awarded a World Athletics Platinum label, the highest ranking in the World Athletics’ classification system for road races and is the first ever event to hold the world record of the largest women’s marathon of all time certified by Guinness World Records.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the number of participants was halved from the past years from 22,000 to 11,000 at the time of race entry. Considering the further infection status in Japan, the marathon decided to accept requests from the registered entrants who wished to switch their entry to a virtual race, the Nagoya Women’s Online Marathon 2021, which in the end made the in-person race an event of 5,000 participants. Although it was a hard decision to make, Nagoya accepts overseas runners only in the virtual race this year. 

The organizers are committed to take all possible measures against infection to hold the safest and most secure event possible for participating runners, volunteers and all concerned. The event’s infection control plan was determined in accordance with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations’ Guidance on Resumption of Road Racing and following advice of medical professionals and local government officials. The plan mandates all parties to wear masks (except for runners during competition), sanitize hands, have temperature checked, and monitor health conditions for 7 days prior to and 14 days after race day. The event will also practice physical distancing with enlarged space per person and reduced capacity of the event areas, supply covered water and packed food at refreshment stations, and station private emergency vehicles for suspected infection cases.

Nagoya will be the first mass participation distance race to be held in Japan since the coronavirus started to spread. Even on a global level, it will be the first World Athletics Platinum label road race to be held in person with both elite and non-elite runners on this scale.
The Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021, to be held in the ‘new normal’ way this weekend, will serve as a ‘new start’ and pave the way for the return of full-scale marathon races in the future.     

Teddy Okamura, Race Director of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon comments: “To fulfill our responsibility as a World Athletics Platinum label road race and a stage for athletes to compete and go to larger international competitions, we have spent a long time in examining how we could ensure safe and secure participation of runners, volunteers and all parties involved. By taking every possible precaution at the ‘new normal’ Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021, we hope to make a ‘new start’ for the future with all concerned parties.”

Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021 Race Outline

  1. Event Title : Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2021 
  1. Organizers : Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), The Chunichi Shimbun 
  1. Co-Organizers : Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Nagoya City Education and Sports Association
  1. Managing Organization : Aichi Association of Athletics
  1. Sponsors : Gold Sponsor: NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. – Silver Sponsor: New Balance Japan, Inc.
  1. Schedule : Sunday, March 14, 2021, Starting at 9:10 a.m.
  1. Course : Nagoya Women’s Marathon Course. (Start and finish at VANTELIN DOME NAGOYA, Course certified by the JAAF, WA/AIMS)
  1. Competition Rules : The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2020-2021 World Athletics (WA) and the FY2020 JAAF and Nagoya Women’s Marathon rules and regulations. Additionally, the WA Road Race Label Regulations and the WA Advertising Regulations will apply to this race for being a WA Label Road Race. Doping tests will be carried out under the anti-doping rules.
  1. Eligibility : [General]

(1) Female athlete who meets the condition (i) and (ii).

  1. 19 years of age or older on race day
  2. Capable of completing a marathon under 6 h 30 min

(2) JAAF-registered athlete

(3) Non JAAF-registered athlete, etc.

*The use of wheelchairs is not permitted.
*Participants who are visually disabled and have difficulty running by themselves may run with one male or female guide runner, but not with a guide dog. If a participant has a male guide and needs assistance with walking or changing clothes in the locker room or other women-only areas at the start/finish, she is advised to have an additional female companion.

(1) Female athlete who meets the condition (i) and (ii)

  1. FY2020 JAAF-registered athlete who is 19 years of age or older on race day
  2. Athlete who has set one of the records below as a JAAF-registered athlete at a certified competition inside or outside Japan on or after March 1, 2019.

1)         Marathon                                Under 3 h 00 min 00 sec
2)         30 km                                     Under 2 h 02 min 00 sec
3)         Half marathon                         Under 1 h 20 min 00 sec
4)         20 km or 20,000 m                 Under 1 h 15 min 00 sec
5)         10 km or 10,000 m                 Under 35 min 00 sec

(2) Athlete recommended by the JAAF

(3) Domestic athlete invited by the JAAF

*Only JAAF-registered athletes based in Japan will be eligible.

  1. Entry Fee*

[General] 26,000 JPY
[Elite] 26,000 JPY

*Entry fees are not refundable except when the race is cancelled for the reasons specified in the terms of application.
For more information about the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, please visit: (Japanese) (English)

About Nagoya Women’s Marathon
The Nagoya Women’s Marathon is the largest women’s marathon in the world certified by Guinness World Records. It was launched on March 11, 2012 with 13,114 participants, reformed from the Nagoya International Women’s Marathon, the elite-only women’s race known as the qualifying trial sent off many Japanese star athletes to the international competitions, including two Olympic gold medalists Naoko Takahashi and Mizuki Noguchi. It holds the World Athletics Platinum label status and has now grown to an event of 22,000 participants. For playing a significant role in the increase of women runner population in Japan, the race was awarded the International Olympic Committee Women and Sport Achievement Diploma in 2019, after receiving the Japan Olympic Committee Women and Sport Award in 2017.

For further information, please contact:    

Nagoya Women’s Marathon Administrative Office
1-6-1 Sannomaru, Naka-ku,
Nagoya 460-8511 Japan

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