“I found myself in a magical and marvellous city”

Once Upon a time…

I found myself in a magical and marvellous city with ‘one thousand and one night’  fantasies, I completely fell in love with the colours, the architeture and its warm lovely people. It sticked in my mind and my heart.

There is lots of history behind the last roman empire the ottoman, Turkey and its Constantinopolis, rich of culture, art and history. A fluid bridge between different continents, a muslim country with western features, or I’d rather say the best combination between middle-eastern and western features.

I have never been before in a country where I could eat halal everywhere without speaking arabic. It was a very intimate experience for me, like feeling home in a different language.

Not only history, art and culture but also plenty on fun, Istabul offers a variety of oppurtunities, you can find very classy and chic clubs but also traditional and popular ones. The cost of living it’s very affordable compared to others world big cities, the trip if organised properly in advance could have very low costs and it certainely pays back by bringing home memories and unique moments.

People are very respectful and considerate, the city is very safe and quiet. It’s also full of attractions we can only list some of the ‘must’ visit places and must do things such as: Bosphorus tour that splits Turkey between Europe and Asia, the breathtaking view from Galata Tower, shopping in Istiklal Street Taksim, trying on the traditional dresses that will make you feel in another era ‘sultan’s harem’ style, shopping in Gran Bazar traditional and handmade items and to end the vacation in a very relaxing way you must absolutely go fo an hammam.

Between the historical and cultural places do not miss ‘Hagia Sofia’, the blu mosque, the museum of modern art ‘modern istanbul‘.

Always remember to negotiate it’s funny, satisfying and most importantly advantageous!

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