Avrupa Salon Atletizm Şampiyonası 2-5 Mart’ta İstanbul’da

The next European Athletics Indoor Championships is due to take place from 2-5 March in Istanbul, Türkiye.

On 6 February 2023, Türkiye was hit by a devastating earthquake. Staging a sporting event at a time like this is not a priority.

However, despite this huge tragedy, the Istanbul 2023 Local Organising Committee has shown its commitment and readiness to continue with its preparations for the event during this incredibly difficult time.

These preparations continue to go as planned and we continue to coordinate with the Turkish Athletic Federation, the Local Organising Committee and the relevant authorities, and provide all assistance and support as needed.

European Athletics stands by the decision of the Local Organising Committee to continue with the preparations for the event and will inform all our stakeholders about any updates received from the Turkish government.

However, this Championships will not be the same as others.

We are all mourning with our Turkish friends, and we want to pay tribute to the lives lost and everyone affected by the earthquake, as well as show our appreciation to the Local Organising Committee.

European Athletics will therefore be focusing on the safety of our athletes and the competition itself, along with providing help and support to the people of Türkiye.

Consequently, the usual celebratory side-events and activities will be at a minimum this year, and there will be no local promotion for the Championships. European Athletics will also donate €1 for every ticket sold for the Istanbul 2023 European Athletics Indoor Championships since 7 February.

We also want to show how much love and support there is in the athletics community for the people in Türkiye, so please share your video, voice, or written message with us and let’s show together how grateful we are in this difficult time. You can do this by sending it to 

Dobromir Karamarinov
European Athletics President

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